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Plant Pant: Create Gardens Instead of Landfills

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Plant Pant Sample

Soft, stretchy, gathered haram style pant with perfect fit adjustable waistband design feature. Perfect for yoga or a night out. If your clothes change size with you, you are likely to keep them longer. Boom. Sustainability.

Plant Pant is a collaborative student project dedicated to reducing waste in the textile industry by using 100% biodegradable fabric in all designs. Rather than landfill contribution, edible plants are the end product of these pants because seeds are embedded in every pair. Burying these pants in the ground also supports the local food movement.

The fashion industry is on an usustainable trajectory. Global annual textile waste exceeds 11 milliions tons. In a world of fast fashion, buying a garment can cost less than getting a cup of coffee. This cost does not take into account all the environmental damage encurred in the manufacturing and trasportation processes. As the speed and quantitiy of low quality clothing production increases this problem continues to worsen. Plant pant aims to use technology and innovation to be part of the solution.


Mood Board


Line Development


Product Sample Cloud Pant


Line Sheet


Measurement Spec Sheet Cloud Pant


Cost Sheets


Material and Trim Spec Sheets


Buy Plan




“Plant your Pants. Create Life”
Fall 2018
By: Kayli Miller, Allante’ Morris, Chantilly Rocha
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