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Unity Fashion Show

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

The Fashion Network Association at San Francisco State University produced the Unity Fashion show in December of 2018. The show was held at Christopher Clark Fine Art Gallery in the financial district of San Francisco, California.

Finding the right looks for the show took several iterations as can be seen in the collage at the end of the slideshow above. I was happy with the way each completed garment was versatile and easy to mix and match.

The black strapless top was transformed from a outdated dress as a reuse project. The three skirts were created when I first began teaching myself apparel construction. After formal training, I modified them for the show. I was excited when I realized that the boucle gray and black skirt with floral accents could be created leaving zero waste . Also it is adjustable, which adds a layer of sustainability to the design. If our clothes change size when we do, we are likely to keep them longer.

The collection was inspired by French fashion in the 1800's. While researching historical costume I was captivated by the top hats, berets and bloomers. The flowy linen pants were inspired by those the brave rule breakers of the day. When ladies first started wearing pants, they wore bloomers, and it was a huge leap for feminism. The restrictive cages they wore prior stifled a womens ability to move and therefore be a productive member of the workforce.

This was my first experience creating an entire collection for a fashion show, hopefully many more to come.


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